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Mr. Graf is Funny

The team at Holocaust Controversies deserves credit for having taken the time to point out numerous falsehoods in the books about Treblinka, Sobibor and Belzec published by Graf, Mattogno and Kues.

According to Dr. Töben we can expect a "devastating" refutation from these three gentlemen. Devastating? Probably so - but for WHOM?

Some years ago, in 2007,  Mr. Graf  and a certain Bruno Montoriol published a small book: Holocaust Revisionism - The Arguments. While not intended to be so, it is actually a funny book. Here are a few examples chosen more or less at random:

1.) There were no gas vans, for there is no physical evidence of any gas vans, and there are no reliable documents. Well, there is one document, Becker to Rauff (p. 176), but this letter "is a primitive forgery", says Graf (p. 176).

Otto Ohlendorf
Really? - Otto Ohlendorf was interrogated in Nuremberg on January 3, 1946. Asked for his opinion about this document, Ohlendorf identified Becker and Rauff, and stated that the contents was in accordance with his own experience with regard to the gas vans, that had also been used by his men in Einsatzgruppe D: "Der Inhalt entspricht etwa meine Erfahrungen und wird daher auch wahrscheinlich richtig sein." (The contents corresponds to my own experience, and is thus probably also true). (Der Nürnberger Prozess, Bd. IV, Nürnberg 1947 p. 358).

It is not seen that Ohlendorf had any reasn to lie about the gas vans, about which he provides several details from his own experience. The fact that there is no physical evidence of a given past  event or thing available to us  NOW, does, of course, not allow one to infer that that event or thing never existed. What has become of all the flowers in the world  of the past, of which there is no longere any physical evidence! Did they never exist?

2.) To support his claim that there were no gas vans, Graf calls upon a "reliable witness" - Dr. Josef Goebbels (p. 178). The little doctor once told Hans Fritzsche that gas vans "were a pure figment of the imagination". But can we really rely on the veracity of the little doctor? Not always, according to Graf´s own words, for on p. 105 we are told that Goebbels, when writing his March 27 1942 diary "may have brought fantasies to paper". Or perhaps these were not fantasies at all? Are we to rely on Goebbels - or on Graf?

3.) When it comes to Auschwitz, Graf asserts  that there is not "a single proof for the gassing of even one Jew in Auschwitz or elsewhere" (p. 113). Surely, Graf will not deny that there is hardly a single SS man who denied that Jews were gassed in Auschwitz-Birkenau and many other places. In other words: We cannot rely on any SS man. The only man we can rely on is Mr. Graf, who was not even there.

4.) Graf claims, imitating Faurisson (p. 150): If the Nazi gas chambers were to work at all, they would have needed all the following: absolutely perfect hermetic sealing; a special introduction and distribution for the gas; a fantastic ventilation system to eliminate the gas from the chambers after the mass murders; a system to neutralize the exhausted gasses..." etc. etc.  In sum: " These technical considerations refute all "eyewitness reports" on mass gassings with Zyklon B without exception" (ibid., p. 151. Really? One the other hand, Walter Dejaco from the Auschwitz  Bauleitung, stated, in 1972, that any large room could be used for gassing human beings. "Even this hearing room". Dejaco was one of the Germans responsible for building the Leichenkeller, also called Vergasungskeller. Many Germans used their garage or barn for gassing in those days. So, whom do we want to believe - Graf or Dejaco?

5.) When we come to Babi Yar, Graf wants us to believe that this is "just another swindle" (p. 180).
On the other hand there are numerous German and even Jewish and Ukranian witnesses etc. So again we have to choose between Graf and all those who were there.

6.) One of the main sources for Babi Yar are the reports of the Einsatzgruppen, the Ereignismeldungen, recently published by the WBG. These reports are, according to Graf, "either totally falsified, or at least manipulated on a massive scale". (p. 181) This , again, is a mere statement of faith on the part of Graf.
Ohlendorf, in 1946, confirmed that such reports were prepared, and what they contained: "Die Meldungen über Hinrichtungen wurden regelmässig an das Reichssicherheitshauptamt erstattet". (The reports about the executions were normally passed on the (Heyrich´s) Reichssicherheitshauptamt (in Berlin). (op. cit., p. 374). Heydrich and Himmler  were informed, of course. So gain: Who is to relied upon - Ohlendorf or Graf?

7.) Graf asks: The mass graves - where are they? (p. 179) Answer: Have a look here, please: http://www.yahadinunum.org

8.) Graf says that there were so many Jews to be killed, and so few members of the Einsatzgruppen to do so (p. 178). Sure, there were about 3000 men and women  in the four Einsatzgruppen, and that would hardly have been sufficient. So  why do you forget to mention that Ohlendorf already in 1946 made it clear that  members of the Waffen-SS and the Ordnungspolizei assisted them in executing the Jews? (op. cit., p. 359)

9.) When it comes to Chelmno, Graf claims that the "whole extermination camp stands and falls with the existence or nonexistence of the gas vans" (p. 166). Again, it must recalled that none of the SS men who worked there denied to existence of gas vans. So, Chelmno stands.

10.) Like all other deniers, Graf denies that Hitler issued an order to murder the Jews. In other words, Ohlendorf must, according to Graf, have been a damned  liar when he stated in January 1946: "Es war ja der Befehl, dass die jüdische Bevölkerung total ausgerottet werden sollte". (There was, of course, the order that the Jewish people had to be totally annihilated). (op. cit., p. 374) Also the Jewish children? Ohlendorf: "Jawohl". Himmler was of exactly the same opinion. So was Heydrich. But not so Graf.

So here we are: On the one side we have all the SS men who did not deny the murder of the Jews etc. On the opposite side we have Graf and, to some extent, perhaps, Goebbels. Graf got it all right, the Germans got it all wrong. Surely, even Goebbels would have been amused.

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Anonym sa...

"This I maintain, and the reason for this is that these things were kept secret from me. I might add that in my opinion not even the Führer knew the extent of what was going on. This is also explained by the fact that Himmler kept all these matters very secret. We were never given figures or any other details."
- Goering, IMT, 21 March 46.
Blue Series Vol. 9. p.611.

"In 1944, Hitler spoke even more of his conflict with Jewry and he became fanatically obstinate. But never, down to 22nd April, 1945 when I last saw him in the Reich Chancellery, did he ever mention the killing of Jews. That is why even to-day I cannot believe that the Führer ordered these killings; I believe that Himmler presented him with accomplished facts."

- Ribbentrop, Joachim von. The Ribbentrop Memoirs. Weidnfeld and Nicolson, London. 1954. p.179.

If I can just say Dr. Lindtner, you do not make a very convincing Holocaustian.

Anonym sa...

Sorry, I missed it first time. But you cite the un-unearthed "mass graves" found by Father Patrick Desbois, who said:

"With time and experience, we’ve found that the reports to Berlin were encoded under the cover of an innocent daily meteorological forecast : The number of clouds stood for the number of graves and the amount of rain indicated the number of victims."

Dr. Lindtner, what do they have on you!

Holocaust Denial is Chutzpah sa...

Reply to your first point:
This just goes to show, I think, that Göring and von Rib. wanted to "defend" Hitler. Himmler, Heydrich and Goebbels are also on the record for having done likewise. This is consistent with what Himmler already March 13, 1940 stressed in Koblenz, viz. that the name of the Führer must not be brought into connection with these matters (atrocities) ... da die Person des Führers nicht mit diesen Dingen in Zusammenhang gebracht werden dürfe"; see Die Truppe...p. 106).
So, here we have the first "deniers".
The absurdities that would follow from assuming that Himmler did all this on his own behind the back of Hitler, should be too obvious to be spelled out here.--------------
Sorry, I do not see the point of your second point.

Anonym sa...

"Did Hitler Order the Holocaust?":


"Did Hitler Order the Holocaust?":


Anonym sa...

This is a good piece. You might add to the point on the strength of the killing squads in the east also the subordination of armed local auxiliaries to the German forces, such as the Ipatingi Burys in the Vilna area or the other Lithuanian partisans under Rollkommando Hamann in the Lithuanian countryside.

Anonym sa...

Your fellow gruelpropagandists were making excuses for the lack of evidence of a Hitler's order of the "Final Solution of the Jewish Question" as early as December 1942:

The Manchester Guardian
Dec 8, 1942. p.4.

""Two days' deliberations." said a Slovak paper recently, "took place at the Ministry of the Interior in Bratislava regarding the final solution of the Jewish question." ... One need not suppose that Hitler has signed an actual order for the destruction of the Jews, which is strongly reported but is at present unconfirmed."

Facsimile of article

Holocaust Denial is Chutzpah sa...

1. Göring did not know? -
Were "these things" really "kept secret" to Göring? Not so, if we are to believe Jeckeln and Lohse; see e.g. Gerald Fleming, Hitler and the Final Solution, London 1985, pp. 97 & 119.

2. Putting all the blame on Himmler.-
Remember also that Heinz Linge heard Hitler & Himmler talking about "die Massenvernichtung der Juden"; see Ernst Nolte, Streitpunkte, Berlin 1993, p. 40 (cum ref.).-

3. On Joachim Hamann, see now Wolfram Wette, Karl Jäger. Mörder der litauischen Juden, Frankfurt a. M. 2011, passim.-

4. "Did Hitler order the Holocaust?" -
I´m not too happy about the way this question is phrased, partly because Hitler never used the word "Holocaust"; partly because "Endlösung" or "Vernichtung" - the proper terms to be used - had many different meanings (as pointed out e.g. by Eichmann).
Seems to me that Hitler already gave a "green light" to physical extermination of Jews in August or September 1939.- Otherwise, how to make sense e.g. of Himmler in Koblenz, March 1940?

Ole Kreiberg sa...

"One the other hand, Walter Dejaco from the Auschwitz Bauleitung, stated, in 1972, that any large room could be used for gassing human beings. "Even this hearing room". Dejaco was one of the Germans responsible for building the Leichenkeller, also called Vergasungskeller. Many Germans used their garage or barn for gassing in those days. So, whom do we want to believe - Graf or Dejaco?"

If you apply Zyklon B in one apartment in an apartmentbuilding you must evacuate the whole building.

It is still highly problematic to apply Zyklon B in the cellar while you are operating the Crematorium on the next flor.

Anonym sa...

Lets put it this way. We have all these confessions of witchcraft and Jews confessing to poisoning wells. Do you believe them?