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Wannsee Madness

Carolyn Yeager discussed the Wannsee Conference and "that alleged meeting" here: http://carolynyeager.net/heretics%E2%80%99-hour-wannsee-protocol-1942-fact-or-forgery .

She stated that Heydrich was probably not in Berlin on January 20th 1942 and even makes the bold claim that it is all a matter of "media repetition and indoctrination of school kids". The Nazis had no intention of killing the Jews.

Even the average school kid should be able to tell Carolyn Yaeger that she does not know what she is talking about.

SS-Obergruppenführer Reinhard Tristan Eugen Heydrich
There can be no doubt that the Conference actually took place in January 1942. Some of the participants, who were invited by Heydrich, were interrogated after the war - in 1947 - by Robert M. W. Kempner:

1. Dr. Stuckart admitted: "Yes, I did take part in such a meeting (Besprechung)".

2. Klopfer admitted that he was present, and that he was familiar with the expression "Endlösung der Judenfrage" from a letter from Heydrich to Bormann.

3. Dr. Leibbrandt admitted that he was present, and that the invitation came from Heydrich. Later, he reported to Rosenberg that he did not approve of the suggestions made at the meeting.

4. Kritzinger was also present, and confirmed that Heydrich had spoken about the deportation of the Jews. He even confirmed that he had heard about gas chambers for Jews.

5. Neumann was also there, but could no longer remember anything.

6. Martin Luther was not interrogated by Kempner, but we know from other sources that he, Luther, reported from the meeting. In his diary, March 7th 1942, Goebbels noted: " Ich lese eine ausführliche Denkschrift des SD und der Polizei über die Endlösung der Judenfrage".He mentions the 11.000.000 Jews in Europe, as does the Besprechungsprotokoll.

7. Eichmann, of course, was present at the meeting, and provided many details in Jerusalem.

From these and many other independent pieces of evidence it is clear that the meeting did take place, and that Heydrich was present.

Other deniers do not deny that the Wannsee Conference actually took place. Some say that the purpose was to rescue the European  Jews by deporting them to safety in the East. In the opinion of Dr. Robert Faurisson, the Jews would have to work. They would not be murdered. Those who survived would then "be people trained to hard work and they will be able to have kibbutz". Faurisson added: "Then, there will be a renaissance, a revival." (Did Six Million Really Die?, Toronto 1992, p. 344). - All this is, of course, plain nonsense and effrontery. Where is the evidence that Hitler, or Himmler, or Heydrich, when speaking of  the extermination of the Jews, were seriously thinking of a "revival"  or "renaissance" of the Jews!

And why did Himmler say:

"Sämtliche Juden müssen erschossen werden. Judenweiber in die Sümpfe treiben!" (All Jews must be shot. Jewish women must be pushed into the swamps)...

"Es ist gut, dass wir die Härte hatten, die Juden in unserem Bereich auszurotten." (It is good that we had the hardness, to eradicate the Jews in our areas)

? ? ?

Did Hitler and Heydrich forget to tell Himmler about the plan "to have kibbutz"?

There is really no excuse for the deep and disgraceful  ignorance displayed by Carolyn Yaeger.

For more about Wannsee etc.,  see e.g. Mark Roseman, The Villa, the Lake, the Meeting: Wannsee and the Final Solution, London 2002. - Peter Longerich, Holocaust, Oxford 2010, pp. 305-310.- Robert M.W.Kempner, Eichmann und Komplizen, Zürich/Stuttgart/Wien 1961, pp. 126-161.

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Per sa...

Faurisson has a silly comment on Wannsee:http://robertfaurisson.blogspot.com/2012/01/la-solution-finale-de-la-question-juive.html

He refers to a "territorial solution", but ignores the obvious euphemism. Karl Jäger, Friedrich Jeckeln, or Dr. Rudolf Lange (present at Wannsee) could have told him that the "territories" in question were, of course, mass graves for the Jews in the East.

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