onsdag 25 januari 2012

Chutzpah Congratulations!

From: Fredrick Töben.
Sent: 01/25/12 09:18 AM

"Congratulations Professor Robert Faurisson!… and you are still awaiting a response to your challenge: Show me or draw me the homicidal gas chambers at Auschwitz! "

Dr. Lindtner´s reply to Dr. Töben: Dr. Töben seems to have a short memory: I have - more than once - offered to show a drawing or even a photo of a Nazi gas chamber to Robert Faurisson and to the public. But first RF has to answer a few questions concerning the Holocaust. Time has shown that RF does not want to answer these rather simple questions. Nor has Dr. Töben or any other "denier" been able to answer any of these questions - to be found on the blog:



From this one can conclude that the challenge of RF is mere chutzpah.

Dr. Christian Lindtner.

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Anonym sa...

From Fredrick Toben:

"Dr Lindtner has lost it by adopting a name-calling approach to serious work – sad, sad…such dialectic lacks seriousness and it follows the Talmudic win-lose approach rather than seeking clarifications….

Anonym sa...

From: Friedrich Paul Berg

As to Faurisson's positions, he has been wrong about a great many things. Some of his ideas are downright silly such as his notion that it would be almost impossible to commit mass murder with cyanide gas and/or Zyklon-B. One of my essays is at: http://www.nazigassings.com/faurisson.html

Faurisson's somewhat famous nine-word challenge is different from what Toben suggests. The actual wording was: "Show me or draw me a Nazi gas chamber."

Lindtner does not even seem to be aware of anything I have said about these subjects. Toben's congratulations to Faurisson are insane. I have answered Faurisson's challenge many times. As soon Faursson's challenge was published by the IHR, I answered it with an essay which was suppressed by Mark Weber at the IHR. They categorically refused to publish my "answer." They did want to publish anything that diminished Faurisson's status as a cult figure. I suspect Faurisson had also done his part in seeing that my answer to his challenge was never published by them. Shame on him!

Already in my first speech to the IHR in 1983, I showed some of the railroad delousing tunnels that Germany had available and which certainly could have been easily used for mass murder. The following appears on my website homepage. The insistence by Faurisson and people like Toben and/or Michael Hoffman that such facilities could NOT be used for mass murder is absolutely insane.

Holocaust Denial is Chutzpah sa...

Thanks to F.P. Berg for this interesting information.-
As Walter Dejaco of the Auschwitz Bauleiting correctly stated in 1972: " And every big room could serve as a gas chamber. Even this hearing room."
Using a barn or a garage for gassing was no problem in those days..