onsdag 19 oktober 2011

Professor Faurisson Needs YOUR Help!

The world’s absolute leading holocaust denier Professor Robert Faurisson has often complained that there is no "open debate" about the Holocaust. He has often also been helpful in making rare documents etc. available.

More than six months ago I asked him five questions about the holocaust. For reasons unknown, Professor Faurisson can or will not answer these simple questions. He either talks about something else, or does not reply at all.

Professor Robert Faurisson in Copenhagen, Denmark 2002
In the interest of an open debate, I have now decided - after more than six months of no debate - to ask the public to help the famous French scholar answer my five questions from April 17, 2011:

1. You posited in 2006: "Neither here nor elsewhere did there exist any order to kill the Jews." Please provide one PROOF - just ONE proof - that this statement is true!

2. You stated in 2006, correctly: "The Einsatzgruppen...On the immense Russian front, they were mere 3000 (three thousand), drivers and clerks included." But why do you omit to mention that, when murdering Jews, they, the EG/EK, were assisted by some 20000 members of the Ordnungspolizei, and perhaps even more Ukrainian and Latvian and other non-German collaborators? That omission may be very misleading.

3. In discussing Babi Yar, you refer to John Ball´s air photos, and to a German document that you consider doubtful.- But why do you leave out all the other German documents?  Why do you not mention the photos of Johannes Hähle, from Babi Yar and Lubny, for instance? Why do you not mention that the AA (Luther, von Weizsäcker) also knew of this mass murder? Such omissions, too, may be very misleading.

4. When it comes to the task of the Einsatzgruppen, you state that they would "have to check the identity of the prisoners and civilians. This does not mean that these people are going to be killed.” But, please,  how does this interpretation of yours  fit with e.g. what SS-Standartenführer Karl Jäger  (EK 3) himself wrote in his report  from Kaunas to Berlin, December 1, 1941: " Ich kann heute feststellen, dass das Ziel, das Judenproblem für Litauen zu lösen, vom EK 3 erreicht worden ist. In Litauen gibt es keine Juden mehr, ausser den Arbeitsjuden incl. ihrer Familien." The number of those killed by Jäger and his men (Joachim Hamann et al.) was 137.346. When it comes to the "Ziel" of the EG/EK - on whom are we to rely: On you - or on Karl Jäger? If you say that Karl Jäger - and the other commanders and members of the EG/EK - totally misunderstood the order - please provide proof - one or many, as you wish.

5. Often you repeat, "Show me or draw me a Nazi gas chamber". You have been doing so for years. Also, you claim that the much discussed Vergasungskeller (in Krema II, Birkenau) was not such a Nazi gas chamber. You, and others, have come up with various conflicting interpretations - gas shelters etc. etc.  In other words, you are saying that the Vergasungskeller was not a Nazi gas chamber but something else. So, again, please give us just ONE PROOF that the Vergasungskeller, that we are here talking about, was not a Nazi gas chamber? And why did you not mention the note about the Gaskeller by Fritz Sander &  Karl Schultze? And why did you not mention the Gasprüfer for Zyklon B?

Please, Professor Faurisson needs YOUR help!

Dr. Christian Lindtner
October 19, 2011.

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Michael Santomauro sa...

1. Unfortunately Dr Lindtner is approaching the matter quite deceptively because it is not for Professor Faurisson to prove anything at all. He has merely taken claims made by Holocaust believers, evaluated them, found them wanting, then asked them to re-do their homework again and come up with the proof of claims made by a host of Holocaust survivors and believers.

2. Perhaps Dr Lindtner, who now has become a Holocaust believer, can provide the evidence for the two critical points listed at:

a.‘Neither here nor elsewhere did there exist any order to kill the Jews’ – Where is the written order that began the claimed ‘systematic extermination of European Jewry’?
Does Dr Lindtner not recall how Prof Raoul Hilberg in his 1965 edition of The Destruction of European Jewry mention two written Hitler orders, then under cross-examination at the 1985 Toronto Zündel trial claimed such written orders did not exist? Dr Lindtner is well aware that this began the shift away from Hitler towards Himmler being the culprit of the originating impulse – and the story AGAIN changed, much like the Ptolemaian circles-within-circles to save the perfection of the assumed circular planetary motion instead of adopting its elliptical factuality!

b. ‘Show me or draw me a Nazi gas chamber?’ – Where is the murder weapon? I raised this basic and now well-worn point with Dr Lindtner during our brief discussion at Teheran in 2006. It’s not for Faurisson to prove anything but rather for the Holocaust believers to provide the evidence. Then recall that van Pelt and Dwork in their 1996 written book, Auschwitz: From 1270 to the present, de-commissioned Krema I, which they claimed was a symbolic representation of the real homicidal gas chamber found at Krema II.

3. As a late believer in the Holocaust it is Dr Lindtner who needs to prove these three assertions that make up the Holocaust: 1. Six million Jews 2. Systematically exterminated 3. in homicidal gas chambers.

4. Remember, since the 1985 and 1988 Zündel Toronto trials no court case emerged where these matters were canvassed in open court. From the fiasco experienced by the Holocaust believers in these court cases - when it was still possible to examine the truth-content of statements made in court – in subsequent court proceedings it became a matter of protecting hurt feelings of those who made Holocaust-believing allegations, and so the truth-content of an assertion/allegation was no defence anymore.

5. Subsequent legal proceedings moved into watered-down defamation action where any Holocaust questioner is legally not accorded due process but is abused and defamed using the following concepts: hater, Holocaust denier, anti-Semite, racist, Nazi, xenophobe, and now even terrorist.

6. So, anyone who believes in the Holocaust-Shoah, and is now offended by those who question or refuse to believe in the official narrative. But of necessity such believers, as Dr Lindtner has now become needs to come up with the goods on such matters and prove their claims/belief.

7. But remember, in Germany, Austria, Poland and other countries it is illegal to DOUBT the official Holocaust-Shoah narrative because it OFFENDS those who believe in it. Then in some countries the Holocaust narrative is falsely protected under racial discrimination legislation where things Jewish are regarded as religious and racial matters while Christian and Muslim matters do not enjoy such legal protection. I now wonder if Dr Lindtner is now attempting to ensnare Revisionists to make statements that are actionable in a court of law?

Fredrick Töben
20 October 2011
– Adelaide Australia

The Black Rabbit of Inlé sa...

"In particular, I think that historians of religion can learn much from the study of Holocaust revisionism. Clearly, ‘the Jewish Holocaust Story’ has become a religious movement, with popes, priests, apostles, prophets, institutions, rituals, ceremonies, myths, holy days of remembrance, dogmas, bans, persecutions, and inquisitions! We know much more about the genesis of this new religion than we know about the genesis and early history of other world religions that appeal to personal faith, rather than to reason. In the long run, Holocaust revisionism may, if I am not mistaken, have its greatest value in the contributions it can render to the scientific study of the history of the three religions of Abraham. The careful documentation provided by Dr. Faurisson, now collected in the four volumes of the privately printed Écrits révisionnistes, 1999, covering the period from 1974-1998, will then prove to be a mine of precious scholarly information from many points of view."

Now who wrote that!!! Dr Lindter

What have they got on you?

Holocaust Denial is Chutzpah sa...

You are welcome to consult my video "Hitler´s Prophecy"for an answer to your question.
Chr. Lindtner

Anonym sa...

Faurisson was in Iran where he in February received an award for the film "Faurisson Fooling the French". Here he is seen with the President of Iran.

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