söndag 30 oktober 2011

"An Interview with ex-denier Christian Lindtner"

Holocaust Controversies interviewed me. Click on this link to read it: http://holocaustcontroversies.blogspot.com/2011/10/interview-with-ex-denier-christian.html

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Holocaust Denial is Chutzpah sa...

From Graf: http://www.mosaisk.com/Arkiv-2011/Graf_challenges_Lindtner.php

My answer:

I have already answered or anticipated the Chutzpah of the loquacious Mr Graf on my Blog (http://holocaustdenialischutzpah.blogspot.com/2011/10/chutzpah-of-mr-graf.html ), so I can be brief.
Mr Graf, satisfied with his strictly personal revelations, claims that we cannot rely on Karl Jäger or Himmler.

- He is obviously wrong, but funny. Is Hitler also unreliable in reg. to the Judenfrage, their Vernichtung?
Mr Graf thinks that just because some prisoners went to the hospital etc., this excludes the possibility that others were murdered.

- He is, again, wrong. Some Arbeitsjuden remained useful, for a time.
Mr Graf mentions the notorious Vergasungskeller, and claims that I knew of it in 1998.

- Not very wise of Mr Graf to rely on telepathy!

Mr Graf forgets to mention the Sander/Schultze note of Feb. 17, 1943 about the Gaskeller.

- Very bad! Was Mr Graf perhaps far too busy counting the pulverized teeth of dead Jews?
Mr Graf thinks that the fact that all Jews were not killed at once, means that there was no plan to exterminate them.

- Nuts! Why not little by little, so oder so?

Mr Graf refers to the scholars connected with "Holocaust Controversies" as "clowns".
But see what these serious researchers have to say about "Graf as a liar".
Mr Graf´s most recent "challenge" will surely provide them with more Chutzpah the same sort.
Mr Graf´s main thesis in his books: Deportation, no physical extermination.

- Complete nonsense!

Mr Graf invites me to read his books and serve him with my comments.

- I already read some of his funny books several times, and I will leave the comments to the "fanatical antisemite" of Mein Kampf, the man to whom "even the most harsh treatment of the Jews was too mild":

"Man wusste nicht, was man mehr bestaunen sollte, ihre Zungenfertigkeit, oder ihre Kunst der Lüge".