söndag 2 oktober 2011

Fantastic revelation from Professor Faurisson!‏

On his Blog, dated September 11, 2011, Prof.  Robert Faurisson publishes many fantastic tales under the heading "Die Siege des Revisionismus".

One of these tales is about the notorious Einsatzgruppen:

The French professor now, always proud of his own "exactitude", reveals to the world - without giving any source:

"Niemals erhielten die Einsatzgruppen den Befehl, Juden als solche zu erschiessen."

In English: "The Einsatzgruppen never received the order to shoot the Jews as such."

Really? Fantastic news!

In 1947, twenty-four leaders of the four Einsatzgruppen were indicted  for having murdered approximately one million civilians in open air shootings, most of the victims being Jews, including women and children. None of these men denied this fact, nor did their boss, Heinrich Himmler.

Himmler, in fact, stated, in June 1944:

"It is good that we had the brutality to exterminate the Jews within our domain ".

It was the very same Himmler, who in July 1941 ordered his men: "All Jews must be shot!"

One of the leaders of the Einsatzgruppen, Adolf Ott, expressed himself rather clearly, when he admitted that, "every Jew who was apprehended had to be shot. Never mind whether he was a perpetrator or not." (Source: Hilary Earl, The Nuremberg SS-Einsatzgruppen Trial 1945-1958, Cambridge 2009, p. 214).

Many of these leaders were educated and intelligent Germans. Nevertheless, not only they but even Himmler must have misunderstood the orders received from Hitler.

Now, many years later, we suddenly have a French professor telling us - and, posthumously, them - that they never received such orders. These men - and thousands of other members of the SS and German police units under Himmler  - must, if we are to believe this new witness, have followed orders they never received.

What a great pity that Professor Faurisson was not there in 1941 to tell them that these orders were mere illusions! So many Jewish lives would have been spared, had our French witness - then but a child -  only been there to tell Himmler and all the others of their delusions!

The source of Professor Faurisson´s new revelation remains a great mystery!

Dr. Christian Lindtner
September 28, 2011

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