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The Doctor who Wanted to Gas God and the World

Anyone who wants to discuss seriously, what took place in Treblinka, cannot afford to ignore the name of Dr. med. Irmfried Eberl, for Eberl was the first Kommandant of Treblinka (from July  1942). So what do the great experts of Holocaust denial  have to say about Dr. med. Eberl?
Dr. med. Irmfried Eberl

Well, if we consult the index of names to the four volumes of Ecrits revisionnistes of Robert Faurisson, we find - nothing! Well, if we then consult the index of names in the "standard work" edited by Ernst Gauss, Dissecting the Holocaust, we find - nothing!

If we, finally, consult what is supposed to be the book about this camp, namely Carlo Mattogno & Jürgen Graf, Treblinka. Vernichtungslager oder Durchgangslager? from 2002, we find  the name of Eberl mentioned twice.

The first mention is on p. 15, a quotation from another book. On p. 143, two letters from Eberl, from June 1942,  are mentioned. They contain nothing criminal at all. Now,why in the world do none of these experts tell their reader something about the background of the first Kommandant of Treblinka? To understand this omission, one must recall that their intention is to show that Treblinka was not a Vernichtungslager, but only a Durchgangslager, i.e. a place where the Jews were certainly not gassed. So we must search for other sources.

An illuminating source is found in the important work of Ernst Klee, Dokumente zur "Euthanasie", Frankfurt am Main 1985. This collection of German documents cannot be ignored by any scholars interested in what actually happened. Here, on p. 20-21, we read about Dr. Irmfried Eberl:

"Leiter der Vergasungsanstalten Brandenburg und Bernburg ("Dr. Schneider"), danach Kommandant in Treblinka, anschliessend wieder in Bernburg. Von seinem stellvertretenden Büroleiter Godensweig als "sadistisch und blutrünstig" bezeichnet. Nach T 4-Arzt Bunke wollte er "Gott und Welt vergasen".

The appointment of Dr. med. Irmfried Eber as the first Kommandant of the Vernichtungslager Treblinka was thus a perfectly logical choice. Here was the man who wanted to gas God and the Worl - probably including the Jews.

Had Treblinka been a mere Durchgangslager - a transit camp to places not found on the map -  a real expect in gassing human beings would hardly have been the right choice. Many of the colleagues of Dr. med. Irmfried Eberl  had a similar backgroud - they were great gassers!

The evidence for gas chambers and gas vans used during the Euthanasia programme is, as knwn, very well documented, and there is no evidence at all that Hitler, when it came to the physical extermination of the Jews, changed his brutal mind.

All this is, typically, ignored by those who still speak of "eine territoriale Lösung" to the Jewish question. The "territories" that "Dr. Schneider" had in mind were, of course the gas chambers and the mass graves. Dr. Eberl hanged himself on February 16,  1948.

Dr. Christian Lindtner
September 29, 2011

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