fredag 18 november 2011

Don´t Show Me a Nazi Gas Chamber!

When Robert Faursisson visited Stockholm in 1992, he made a famous challenge, when he said that he had been looking for a Nazi gas chamber for thirty years without finding any. So he challenged the Swedish medias with these words:

"Show me or draw me a Nazi gas chamber!"

Not only did the Swedish journalists but also the Scandinavian historians fail to do so. What a great pity!

This incident probably left many with the impression that there was no documentation for the existence of Nazi gas chambers. That, however, is a wrong impression, and Faurisson must have been counting on the ignorance of his audience. Faurisson often argues, even now in 2011: If there were no gas chambers, then there was no holocaust.

He knows very well, however, that there is manifold documentation for the existence of Nazi gas chambers. He also knows that this documentation is only available and known to  a few specialists - including himself.

So, the French professor is fooling the public with his Chutzpah. He is also playing a trick, when he reduces the Holocaust to a mere matter of gas chambers in Auschwitz-Birkenau.

I have often asked Faurisson to answer various difficult questions with regard to the Holocaust, and I have asked others to help him do so. There have been no real answers, only evasions, distortions, silence etc. I am not the only person who would like to have answers to my questions.

So here is my challenge to Prof. Faurisson:  

Please answer my questions, and I will then show you a Nazi gas chamber!

If you still fail to answer my questions, I fear that you are not really interested in seeing a Nazi gas chamber. I will think that your real attitude is this:

Don´t show me a Nazi gas chamber!

It is now up to Prof. Faurisson  to decide what we all have to think about his challenge in Stockholm.

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Anonym sa...

Email to Friedrich Paul Berg:

Well I have read your mail on open debate on the Holocaust. And that Carolyn Yeager can arrange such a radio debate on her show. Sounds great.

I have contacted Dr. Christian Lindtner, and he is open to such a debate. Actually, I have contacted Yeager several times too and suggested this, without having received a single reply!

But if you can talk to her, it would be really good! Can you do that?

Have you seen Dr. Christian Lindtners blog?:

Will you stand in an open debate with him and answer the questions he has, in these two posts?:

How about that? You are welcome to comments on his blog too.

Lets have this debate. Would be intresting.

Best regards


Dear Per,

The debate I have suggested is between myself and any and all self-described "holocaust survivors." Dr. Lindtner seems to be just another holocaust believer like so many that I have successfully debated over many years on the internet. I have never even come across Lindtner's existence prior to your email. In the links you sent me, I believe I am not even mentioned. Faurisson is mentioned repeatedly. Since I have had many intense disagreements over many years with Dr. Faurisson, I am hardly the person to defend his positions. On many of the critical questions, Faurisson is simply wrong in my opinion.

If someone wants to debate me about my views and writings, that is another matter. Perhaps a radio debate is possible.

Friedrich Paul Berg

Hello Friedrich.

Thanks for the answer.

Yes, well I read that you wanted to debate holocaust survivors, but you wrote "any" and that Carolyn could help "However, I am delighted and thankful that Carolyn Yeager has already offered her radio talk show as a possible forum for such a debate.", so I thought you and Carolyn maybe would be interested in a debate with Dr. Lindtner.

You dont have to debete Dr. Faurissons positions.

But Dr. Lindtner wants to debate about especially Himmler and Karl Jäger, and obtain a thorough explanation of their words. Because you are one of the foremost revisionists, it would be interesting to hear what you have to say about it and what Dr. Lindtner has to say in an open radio debate.

It would be interesting, right? And because Carolyn has already said that she can offer her radio talk show for such a debete, so it should be possible to organize, right?

Do you have any contact with her? Maybe you can ask her if she is interested?

Best regards

Dear Per,

I certainly do know Carolyn Yeager and I suspect she would be very interested and willing to host a debate.

However, as to a debate about Himmler and Karl Jaeger, I am not really qualified at all. I don't even know who Karl Jaeger is nor do I care at this point.

Friedrich Paul Berg